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The Basics

No new innings to start after 30 mins. Ball game called at 35 mins and scores will revert back to the last completed inning. The batting team may declare their inning closed to try and get the game completed within the time limit.


The “NO TAG” rule – if a runner starts running to the next base they can be put out by someone with the ball standing on the base. However a tag will also get them out.


Any runner tagged whilst not on base is out, although 1 st base can overrun quite safely without liability to be out (provided no attempt is made on 2 nd base) and obviously runners are free to overrun home plate. So it’s not sufficient just to reach 2 nd and 3 rd base – to be in contact with it must be maintained. NO Sliding.


If a team has more than 10 players, free substitution is allowed at any changeover between innings, whilst maintaining the maximum 5 males & 5 females rule.  Any player who bats must field for an innings and vice versa.



As we are playing slowpitch the pitch must reach at least 6 feet high but not more than 12 feet high. The Umpire will give a pitcher one warning that counts as no pitch; further infractions will count as automatic balls. Fast pitching is not permitted.



The batting order must alternate between genders. The player who was about to bat when the third out was made starts their team’s batting the following innings.


A batter may not bunt or chop at the ball, a full effort in swinging the bat is required. Each infraction will count as a strike.


Tagging Up

When a batter is caught out, any runner on base should have stayed in contact with their base until the ball was caught. If they left before it was caught, they must return to that base and “tag up”, i.e. re-establish contact with it, before advancing further.  A runner failing to return to a base before it is caught by a fielder is out.


The Playing Field

The distance between the bases is 60 feet and the official distance from the pitching mat to home plate is 40-45 feet.



All equipment will be provided. Players are welcome to bring their own too. Safety balls will be in use.


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